Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex and evolving field. Sometimes, you want to see if web page changes have made any difference and an essential part of knowing when to start measuring for impact is to know when search engine bots have crawled the web page in question. In this guide, we'll see how to find the last time a particular page was visited by a specific crawler.

Go to the main page to view your visit history. On the left, there should be a form to refine your search.

Gatekeeper identifies and tracks a number of search engine crawlers, including Google, Bing, and Baidu. For this example, we'll check for the Google crawler. Open the refine dropdown and select Tag and then select "Google crawler." Note that Google uses a variety of crawlers, including Googlebot, Mediapartners-Google (for AdSense) -- if you want to see when a specific Google crawler has visited a page, consider using the User Agent filter option.

Next, fill out the Page parameter for the page that you want to check. In this case, we'll check for all visits to a demo page, "/geo/demo". Note that this parameter is used as a prefix match, so "/geo/demo" would include pages such as "/geo/demo?lat=0&lng=0" and even "/geo/demo/autocomplete" or "/geo/demostration."

Once these fields are filled, click the Filter button.

visit filter form with tag Google crawler and page /geo/demo filled in

The visits table should now show visits from the specified crawler to page URLs that match.

visits table showing two visits from the Google crawler to /geo/demo