Gatekeeper Beta

Intelligence for your website.
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Upgrade your arsenal against bots

Sometimes, you want to make your content freely available to humans, not bots. Perhaps you'd like your carefully crafted content to be savored and mindfully sampled, not carted off wholesale to a site that competes with you.

Gatekeeper combines knowledge of likely data centers (where servers can be rented) with an advanced rules engine that allows you to easily configure what actions should happen when your website is visited.

Tighten up porous paywalls

Notice how many news websites limit the number of articles that you read? It's a bit of an open secret that those websites rely on cookies, which are stored on the client computer. Visitors can, for example, delete cookies, or open up the URL in an alternative browser, or they can just use a different computer.

Supplemented with Gatekeeper, publishers can track IP addresses, which are much more difficult to acquire.

Foundations of server-side analytics

With Gatekeeper, you can review individual sessions (helpful for debugging user complaints) and track bot traffic.

Server-side analytics give you new functionality, including answering questions such as "When did Google last crawl this specific page?"