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for 1,000 request/day
For testing and/or development. No sign up necessary!


for 100,000 requests
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Options include priority support, service level agreements, and private service instances.

Usage Information


100 MB free for every billing account. 1 credit per 10 MB beyond the initial free allotment (rounded up) per day. For example, 1.1 GB would cost about 30 cents over the course of one month.

Geo Sessions

One Geo session (relevant to map views and autocomplete) costs one credit, where a session is considered 15 seconds of activity.

If someone loads a map, leaves it alone for a minute, and then closes the browser, that would cost one credit and would include the loading of MapWrapper and the relevant tiles. If someone loads a map, moves it around for 10 seconds, waits one minute, and then moves it around again for 10 seconds, causing new tiles to be loaded, and then closes the browser, that would be two credits.

Similarly, if a user types for less than 15 seconds for an autocomplete session, that would cost one credit. If a user types for 20 seconds, that would cost two credits.